What do you do when you have tasks that you do again and again? How do you make sure that you do them correctly each time? One good solution, as it has been proven in many different fields, is to use checklists. In a software agency projects have repeating deliverables and user experience is what we primarily focus »

    What is User Experience (UX) Design? Take a moment to think about your favourite website or application. What made you love it? Did it feel intuitive from the first usage? Does it sometimes even predict exactly what you want? Well, these days, most probably, there was a user experience designer who spent hours designing it so you »

    What is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? If you were wondering what does MVP even mean, it is a term popularised as part of lean startup, a most popular method for developing innovative products. Minimum Viable Product stands for a bare minimum version of your product which represents the core of your business without any unnecessary features. The most important »